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Dec 10, 2013 1:40am PST
talked to president clinton about the palestinian cause, as well. but in those meetings, he was always very clear that he was not anti-israel. you know, he was not anti-jewish. but he just felt that the condition of the palestinians needed to be improved, needed to have, you know, a world focus. i also would say that nelson mandela was very loyal. so those movement, those leaders who supported the anc in the darkest days when the united states and u.k. and others in the west who were not supportive, never forgot them. cuba, libya, the palestinians were all allies during those dark days. and he stayed true to them. >> had a long personal relationship with hillary clinton, as well. they first met in 1992. democratic convention. we see him there with queen elizabeth. probably one of the only people in the world who would pick up the phone and say, "hi, elizabeth, how you doing?" would not call her queen. i want to go to the stadium. terry mower ar moran, set the s. >> reporter: there's no question this is a grand, global event. we do have some boos, as expected, with some of the le
Dec 6, 2013 1:40am PST
laughs they shared. >>> condolences from bill clinton to spike lee. social media lights up as the famous and not so famous share their thoughts. >>> the storm warnings across the middle of the nation as ice and snow, extreme arctic cold make for a miserable morning. it is friday, december 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> we begin with the death of a man who changed the world, former south african president nelson mandela passing away at the age of 95. >> there's mourning and respectful celebration at every corner of the globe as millions honor mandela's legacy. his fight for racial equality landed him in prison for nearly three decades. he emerged undeterred and unbroken. abc's alexander marquardt has more. >> reporter: south africa has entered a period of national mourning. profound sadness at the loss of a man many affectionately knew as tata madiba. his death was announced by jacob zuma, who called mandela south africa's greatest son. the celebration has been remarkable. people of all stripes taking to the streets, singing
Dec 9, 2013 3:00am PST
george w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter. then mandela will lie in state for three days at the capitol in pretoria before he is laid to rest after a state funeral in his home village of qunu next sunday. alexander marquardt, abc news, johannesburg. >>> the pentagon is under fire for bypassing dozens of manufacturers and buying helicopters from russia instead. choppers are sent to afghanistan security force. pentagon officials say the russian helicopters are superior. documents show the opposite. lawmakers first expressed outrage last april. >> with all of the tens of billions of dollars we put into afghanistan, this is a tough one to justify. >> we are trying to provide them as much capability as possible so they can, in fact, take responsibility for security. >> those a.p. documents show the american-made boeing chinook helicopter was the most cost effective choice over the long haul. >>> in jacksonville, florida, a small plane crashed killing all three people on board. the cessna went down in a pond in a secluded neighborhood. the pilot radioed moments before to say he couldn
Dec 6, 2013 2:35am EST
death was announced. form er president clinton posting this picture, a hand shake and the words, i will never forget my friend mariba. and bush. it is a type of worldwide experience that draws young and old, black and white to share feelings. south african native charlize theron my thoughts and love to the family. rest in peace mariba. you will be missed but your impact will be felt frempl spike lee left this simple message and then this one from nasa, intergal lactic message. posting a picture of south africa. and crowds continue to gather in front of mandela's home, perhaps the day east most poignant message from mandela's own twitter account. death is inevitable. when a man has done what he considers to be a duty to his people he can rest in people. a virtual memorial on social media. electronic good-byes for the man that brought the world together. jim avila, abc news, new york. >> great one that came in from the dolly alai lama. he said he was a great human being. someone who we can truly say lived a meaningful life. >> we heard from so many people but from president obama also. he
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4